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Have You Truly Been Born Again of Water and The Spirit
Joseph Nolan    [email]   ( Ireland ) 2011-06-29     Views : 535     touched : 129
May I encourage all to read this wonderful truth of Truly been Born Again. The book is more than just 373 pages of print It is The Truth Of Eternal Life. Allow me to explain, I was born into a denomination church (Roman Catholic) I later became at the age of 33yrs of age a bible believing christian and truly felt that I was born again, however after a number of years that fire felt at first, began to grow cold and I became discouaged as I saw repenting day in day out was not giving peace to my heart, I still had the sin problem still the flesh and still my heart was not clean. I prayed what I thought were the right prayers coming to the cross and pleading the blood and yet instead of progressing in my personal Christian walk It was the opposite. I was so tired weary that I just asked the Lord to help me a sinner to have a clean heart and a right spirit. It was after some time that I got the answer by clicking on a web site for New Life Mission and receiving this book of Paul C Jong. It is a treasure, it is a joy and it is the way to freedom from sin, not the pages nor the print but The very Message of Salvation is contained the Water and The Spirit. How to do I review it, I will simply say It IS THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL AS PREACHED BY THE EARLY CHURCH ON THE MEANING OF THE BAPTISM OF JESUS AND HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS, it is the whole remission of sin, past present and future. I ASSURE YOU DEAR READER IT WILL CHANGE YOUR HEART AND MAKE IT CLEAN AND IT WILL GIVE YOU A JOY IN YOUR LIFE THAT WILL ALLOW YOU SUCH PEACE THAT YOU ARE NOW RIGHTEOUS AND WITHOUT SIN.


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