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Davan Chinyama    [email]   ( Zambia ) 2008-08-26     Views : 623     touched : 170
As the Lord has told us that when the natural plagues come to this earth, a third of the sun, the moon, and the start will lose their light. But few people know this, and fewer believe in it. As suchonly a samll number of people believe in the Gospel of the water and the spirit are preaching its truth.

The Bible is the Book of life that guids people in doing what is pleasing to His Face. Today, we have head of people dieing, Nation rising against nation, Poverty, War, and many other things that are happening in this world on earth.

These plagues are happening and will indeed come.We who are called christains that follow the steps Jesus who is our Lord, we must find out what kind of faith and determination we should live the rest of our lives. You and I must realise that today's era is only a step away from the great Tribulation' and we must live our remaining lives in faith and without a trace of doubt whatsoever in our hearts. Today, Repture is their as we see those who do the will of God are taken or die in the Lord, and even those that dont do the will of God die.

But if we d not live by believing in the word of prophecy for this tribulation now, our hearts will turn empty, our purposes will be lost, and we will be crippled by the worries of life. This must not happen. At the same time, far less should we live by placing our hope in this world, as if we should never leave this world behind.

God will make a new world opr kingdom of Jesus and allow the rightous to live in it. And He will allow thoes who believe in the Gospel of the water and the spirit to live with him forever.WHAT A PROMISE THAT THOSE WHO SEEK HIM WILL BE WITH HIM FOREVER.
For as to be with him, we should cast down our own will and thoughts before God, and in humility accept and believe in His Word of prophecy. We must be preachiny the Gospel of the water and the spirit, and then meet the Lord when he comes. Let us live for the work of God. When the Lord returns to this earth, we will recieve a NEW LIFE, and our bodies will be transformed like HIS, and we will live again in HIS new world, all as He Has told us.

WE DO NOT KNOW THE EXACT DAY AND TIME OF THE LORD'S RETURN, for this we must prepare our selves us we wait for the Lord. Looking at the signs that are happening in the world, we do know that all the plagues recorded in the word of God are very close to us. We thus believe in God who has prophesied all these things, and who has shown us the way of salvation.

To God be the Glory.

Davan Chinyama - Co worker
P.O Box 37549
Lusaka Zambia


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