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Fail-Safe Way for You to ReceiveThe Holy Spirit
MrsT in CT    [email]   ( United States of America ) 2008-07-11     Views : 711     touched : 204
This book is very good in calling us to wake up to the reality of the True way to Receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit rather than the teachings which have lead many astray with the laying on of hands & prayer revivals to receive the Holy Spirit
The Question & Answer section in the back is excellant help for anyone having questions - I think it's a very important book for a new Christian to read to help them understand what the Holy Spirit is & the importance of not mistaking demon-inspired tongues for the Holy Spirit since so many people seem to think that proof of having the Holy Spirit is talking in tongues after praying & having had hands laid upon them & this just is not the case according to the bible
Pastor Jong does well to point out the need for us to not harbor sin in our hearts & lead holy lives which too often is missing in the preaching of the churches today which focus upon the "properity teaching" let's all feel good & accpet everyone so that we won't offend so people don't know the Truth of the Holy Spirit & the Cross & the Blood & the Baptism


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