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Have you Truly been Born Again of Water and the Spirit Written By Rev. Paul C. Jong
- Pastor Jim Montgomerie
Free Christian Books on how to become Born Again by the water and the Spirit
- Phil Grahn
"Thank you for writing this. "

Lawrence Bergeron, USA

The book gives insight on how Jesus was baptized with water blood and spirit and withen that action he took away the sins of the world and gave us the gift of salvation thur faith and believeing that Jesus is our Savior and king and he died for us so that we too can enter into God kingdom with the action of basptism and strong Faith and Love for him and one another, this is a very basic summery for if i would to comprise everything in this great book you wrote it would be many many pages again thank you for writing this.
Lawrence Bergeron, USA


People who have read our books have sent the following reviews. It is our hope that through them, you would all share with each other the grace of God that has enabled us to be born again of water and the Spirit.

No Subjects Country Reader's Name Touched Views Date
663 Real Reformation in The Gospel of Water The Spirit.. Bhutan Roshan Rai 132 482 2008-07-04
662 Review on Book Ghana Richard Aryeh 146 495 2008-06-22
661 spiritual development Ghana richard mantey 149 471 2008-06-21
660 Continuation of “What is the Spiritual Faith?” Bhutan Roshan Rai 86 431 2008-06-15
659 What is the Spiritual Faith? Bhutan Roshan Rai 89 393 2008-06-15
658 The Lords prayer:misinterpretation and truth. Nigeria Badmus David 105 358 2008-06-01
657 FOR WHOM WAS JESUS CHRIST BORN? Bhutan Roshan Rai 99 368 2008-05-31
656 The Elementary Priciple of Christ Philippines Emmanuel Yao Tandoc 117 385 2008-05-25
655 the fall of man and the perffect salvation of GOD Zambia jackson 121 355 2008-05-16
654 Exegesis on The Book of Romans (I) Bhutan Roshan Rai 99 329 2008-05-11
653 The Lords Prayer: Misinterpretation and Truth United Kingdom sharon shum 116 357 2008-05-06
652 appeasing Zimbabwe nyasha tsomondo 117 307 2008-05-04
651 the elementary principle of christ Zambia jackson phiri 136 348 2008-04-25
650 The Lord's Prayer: Misinterpretations and Truth Bhutan Roshan Rai 110 392 2008-04-10
649 Heretics, Who Followed the Sins of Jeroboam (II) Bhutan roshan rai 107 324 2008-04-07
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