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I thank Paul C. Jong for theses books, that reveal God's righteousness, mercy and love.
Karen Manukyan       ( Armenia ) 2011-04-25     Views : 1656     Touched : 267
I will be glad if you send 2 volumes of the Armenian book and the 3rd volume later.
In regards of the meetings: we have small groups, one here in Gyumri and one in Artik. First one is the second big city of Armenia and Artik is a city near to Gyumri. Mainly I visit families and deliver them our books, speak with them, explain the difference with the Armenian Apostolic church, which they ask all the time, as our nation has a long Christian history (Christianity was accepted in Armenia in 301 A.D.), it is the first country that officially accepted Christianity as a state religion. But now people are nominal believers and most of them don't know Jesus Christ in their heart and are unaware of the gospel of water and the Spirit. They ask what is the difference between Armenian Apostolic church's doctrine and that you preach, and I explain them, read passages from P.C. Jong's books and leave the books with them.
I think in future these groups will be bigger and much more people will know this truth and admit the gospel of the water and the Spirit. There is a brother, who visit families, for I am busy with translations and not always have time to make visits. I gave him P. Jong's Armenian books and he gladly admitted in his heart the baptism of Jesus Christ and His blood on the Cross, believing that this truth has save us from all our sins once for all.
I will let you know about progress. We can meet only in someone's house if the group will be bigger, because according our State Law any religious group must be registered in the country and must correspond to the norms. Armenian Apostolic church is very strong towards other groups. It is like Orthodox Church with many privileges in my country, so we must be careful not to break the Country Laws, but meanwhile keep preaching the true Gospel.
Thank you that you are interested in our country and want to help our people to find the truth and be saved in Jesus Christ.
I thank Paul C. Jong for theses books, that reveal God's righteousness, mercy and love.
Garen Manukyan, Armenia


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