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We cannot ignore and omit the baptism of Jesus.
Zam Khan Lam       ( Myanmar ) 2011-04-25     Views : 848     Touched : 199
I am Rev. Zam Khan Lam from Presbyterian Church of Myanmar. I was born from a Christian family in 1967. I am now the third generation of a Christian believer since my grandparent. I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and Lord in 1981. I got married in 1989 and have two daughters. I have been now serving the Lord for 13 years in the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar (PCM). I studied BTh, BA (secular), and MDiv.
Fortunately, I received the book name called “Have you being received the true born again of the water and the Spirit?” written by Paul C. Jong. When I read this book clearly with meditation, I came to understand the deep meaning of the word “Born of water and the Spirit” in John 3:5. I thought I was a true born again Christian before I came to understand and believe the gospel of the water and the Spirit. But now my faith is clarified by the Holy Spirit to become a true believer of the gospel of the water and the Spirit.
Dear brethren, let us back to the Bible and consider again our faith focusing only the true word of God. Many Christians who called themselves believers followed their own way of doctrines in line with their theological views and concepts, but not upon the word and the idea of God. And also many churches are wrongly thought that their doctrines, by laws, and rules and regulation are totally in fallacy to enter the kingdom of God. They are greatly refusing to walk on God’s way for the true salvation by observing and believing their dogma and precepts. I myself also denied the true God’s salvation for human kind before. Now, I clearly understand and believe the baptism of Jesus and his death on the cross. Our true salvation is beginning from the baptism of Jesus in the river of Jordan. We cannot ignore and omit the baptism of Jesus.
I had never known before this sacred theology of the gospel of the water and the Spirit meaning Jesus’ baptism in the river of Jordan and his death on the cross. I just believed that Jesus wanted to follow the Jewish law by baptizing together with the sinners. But it had a deep meaning of being carrying the sins of the world upon him when John the Baptist put his hand on his head just as the Old Testament priests put their hands upon the heads of animals for the sinners. This is our true way for the complete salvation. We must believe both the baptism of Jesus and his death on the cross.
Zam Khan Lam, Myanmar


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