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"Once again I am happy to write my testimony and what our God is doing in our lives."

Rev. G. Prasada Rao, India

Once again I am happy to write my testimony and what our God is doing in our lives. While groping in the sin sick world (darkness). Fortunately I found Jesus Christ as my personal savior. After completion of my school education under gone vocational Teachers’ training hence I have been longed for or was seeking for an employment. But all my efforts were vain.

Because of my vain efforts I was desperate. So that I gave up all my attempts to secure a job. Because of my sinful thoughts or my unknowing causes, my two knees swelled like anything. I could not fold my legs. It is even hard to attend for nature calls.

Most of the physicians could not diagnose. But my uncle suggested me to attend church, but unwillingly happened to attend. Where the church elders along with local pastor prayed over me for the deliverance. Our Lord miraculously touched me with healing power. But I could not realize. The very next Sunday certain Pastor spoke the word of God on the text, “ But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. “ (Mat.6:33

As I was guilty, the spirit of God convicted me to confess all my known sins and Baptized in the water for the remission of my sins. Without proper understanding i.e. on 5th November 1961.

Due to obscurity I could not feel the fullness of the blessings until I found the great truth revealed to Rev.Paul C. Jong. Fortunately the year 2006 is mile stone in my life. In a certain gospel meetings some body distributed the book entitled ‘HAVE YOU TRULY BEEN BORON AGAIN OF WATER AND THE SPIRIT? As I have been longed after the Truth, so that the spirit of God open my blind folded eyes to understand the truth hidden to me years together.

Our Lord was baptized and crucified for us, as written in Mathew 3. This is what the Lord has done for us. I believe in it. When Jesus was baptized all our sins were passed unto Him. When He was crucified, it was because HE took upon all our sins that He could carry these sins to the cross. He was judged for not only our own sins, but all the sins of the entire world.

Coming to this earth in the flesh of a man, when our Lord turned 30, He was first baptized to take all our sins upon Himself. After having done so, He then carried these sins of the world to the cross, was judged with His crucifixion, and then rose from the dead again, thereby becoming our savior.

As such, I ought to believe in what the Lord has done for me according to the order in which He fulfilled His works. And I have determined to spread the gospel to others, according to how He has set for us. I feel this is the first book of preaching of the gospel of water and the spirit in strict accordance with the scriptures. I realized that Man can’t enter the kingdom of Heaven without being born again of water and the spirit. To be born again means that a sinner is saved from all his life long sins by believing in the baptism of Jesus and His blood on the cross. So that as I convinced I believe in the gospel of the water and the spirit to enter the kingdom of heaven as the righteous without sin. I suppose this is more than enough. Please continue to pray for us and for the ministry. I hope you may do favor some thing for our ministry. I am closing with much love and prayers.

Your's Brother in Christ,

Rev. G. Prasada Rao, India

"All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age" (Matthew 28:18-20). In accordance to this Great Commission of our Lord, the coworkers of The New Life Mission throughout the whole world are working tirelessly to spread the gospel of the water and the Spirit in each of their countries. As new coworkers of The New Life Mission will continue to arise in the future, and the gospel of the water and the Spirit will indeed be preached to the ends of the earth.
We at The New Life Mission want to rejoice together with you by sharing the news that these faithful servants of God have brought to us from their respective mission fields while preaching the gospel. We also hope that those who have registered with us as our coworkers but have not yet participated in our ministry of book distribution would receive faith and courage from reading these letters and take part in the ministry of preaching the gospel. This news will be continuously updated, and it will be very helpful for the nourishment and growth of your faith.

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No Name Country Title Date Views Touched
518 G. Prasada Rao India Once again I am happy to write my testimony and what our God is doing in our lives. 2014-12-17 0 0
517 Rassel Medina Philippines I always commit sin and my mind is full of hatred. 2014-12-12 0 0
516 Lackson Mbewe Zambia I would like to update you over my ministry. 2014-12-03 4 0
515 Loren Simons United Kingdom May many more souls be raised up to preach the Gospel in these end times. 2014-11-26 3 0
514 Rachel Phoon Malaysia My faith was built on shaky sand. 2014-11-20 3 0
513 Getha patrick Malaysia I am grateful to God that I can give this books to my friends and family. 2014-11-12 5 0
512 B. Kamtsokwe Malawi Human beings are born sinners. 2014-11-04 5 0
511 Kennedy Kausi Kenya I thank you Rev. Paul C. Jong, pastor’s, Savants and the members of the new life mission. 2014-10-21 5 1
510 BENJAMIN Kabinga Kenya My old faith was that I devoted. 2014-10-16 10 1
509 Eric Aboadwe, Ghana Ghana I have a sad news for you. 2014-10-16 53 6
508 Daniel Kapa Myanmar How is your life and the Lord's works are there? 2014-10-01 39 3
507 Pastor Jim Montgomerie Netherlands Antilles Are you a true disciple of Jesus, or do you work for the other side. 2014-03-02 175 20
506 Clemence Machadu Zimbabwe HE TOOK MY SINS ONCE FOR ALL 2014-03-01 81 5
505 Aneka Simons United Kingdom Thankyou in the name if Jesus Christ for the Word concering true belief. 2012-05-29 472 104
504 Theuns Post South Africa If each co-worker prays for this mission many more souls will turn to the Lord. 2012-05-29 308 69
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