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"I thank you Rev. Paul C. Jong, pastorís, Savants and the members of the new life mission."

Kennedy Kausi, Kenya

I thank you Rev. Paul C. Jong, pastorís, Savants and the members of the new life mission by supporting this task with all their hearts. My God bless you abundantly and give abundant spiritual and physical blessing for preaching the gospel of Jesus Baptism and his death on the cross. World wide by Christian literatures ministry, internet ministry I believe he will bless every one of us and to every one who believe in the gospel of Jesus Baptism and his death on the cross.

Nothing is more urgent in our life than to understand the gospel of the water and the spirit, the gospel of sure salvation that no rationale or wisdom of this world can prove for this reason countless doctrines about salvation have risen and fallen and excessive devotion to these doctrines has been demanded as though they were truths. Many people have been confessing their salvation without the full knowledge of exactly how salvation was fulfilled in the life of the messiah, leaving aside important issues pertaining to it. Fundamentally speaking, the gospel truth of the water and the spirit is neither subjective nor dependant, but it is independent of all thing many people have taught the gospel of the cross as the truth of salvation numerous denominations and Christian communities have put forth their positions and opinions on salvation and they also have presented their own respective positions about the relevant issues on salvation to defend their doctrines. But this has only deepened confusion and countless people are now walking on the path to hell even as the light is shining on them like the broad daylight.

This is mainly due to the prevalence of a haif Ė complete gospel that is the gospel of the gross alone when seen from inside the gospel of the water and the spirit. We can see while reading the scriptures that there were many different kinds of people among the people who followed Jesus at the time ďthere were some people who followed Jesus at the time Jesus just to receive bread to eat and there were some other people who followed him in order to be healed from their sickness but still others followed Jesus to receive the remission of sin.

We the righteous who believe in the gospel of the water and the spirit must think before the presence of God about what should we truly do. We must make up our mind about what we must live for in our hearts as we live in this world the lord told us to work for the food that does not perish and not for the, food that perishes. We must understand what truly is the food that does not perish we must do Godís work based on his word.

Kennedy Kausi, Kenya

"All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age" (Matthew 28:18-20). In accordance to this Great Commission of our Lord, the coworkers of The New Life Mission throughout the whole world are working tirelessly to spread the gospel of the water and the Spirit in each of their countries. As new coworkers of The New Life Mission will continue to arise in the future, and the gospel of the water and the Spirit will indeed be preached to the ends of the earth.
We at The New Life Mission want to rejoice together with you by sharing the news that these faithful servants of God have brought to us from their respective mission fields while preaching the gospel. We also hope that those who have registered with us as our coworkers but have not yet participated in our ministry of book distribution would receive faith and courage from reading these letters and take part in the ministry of preaching the gospel. This news will be continuously updated, and it will be very helpful for the nourishment and growth of your faith.

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No Name Country Title Date Views Touched
511 Kennedy Kausi Kenya I thank you Rev. Paul C. Jong, pastorís, Savants and the members of the new life mission. 2014-10-21 0 0
510 BENJAMIN Kabinga Kenya My old faith was that I devoted. 2014-10-16 0 0
509 Eric Aboadwe, Ghana Ghana I have a sad news for you. 2014-10-16 15 2
508 Daniel Kapa Myanmar How is your life and the Lord's works are there? 2014-10-01 15 0
507 Pastor Jim Montgomerie Netherlands Antilles Are you a true disciple of Jesus, or do you work for the other side. 2014-03-02 143 17
506 Clemence Machadu Zimbabwe HE TOOK MY SINS ONCE FOR ALL 2014-03-01 45 4
505 Aneka Simons United Kingdom Thankyou in the name if Jesus Christ for the Word concering true belief. 2012-05-29 466 104
504 Theuns Post South Africa If each co-worker prays for this mission many more souls will turn to the Lord. 2012-05-29 298 69
503 Pastor Jim Montgomerie Netherlands A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire. 2012-05-29 136 36
502 Pastor Jim Montgomerie Netherlands Interesting and simple questions, but disturbing results. 2011-06-14 151 54
501 Karen Manukyan Armenia I thank Paul C. Jong for theses books, that reveal God's righteousness, mercy and love. 2011-04-25 647 128
500 Zam Khan Lam Myanmar We cannot ignore and omit the baptism of Jesus. 2011-04-25 642 121
499 Theuns Post South Africa To all those that donít believe 2010-10-03 540 100
498 Sebastian Porter United States of America This book is very enlightening and caused me to receive the remission of sins. 2010-07-24 175 55
497 Stephen Gyamera Ghana I am optimistic that the gospel of water and spirit would spread everywhere. 2010-05-26 1750 192
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